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The main cast of Characters in Towner
All characters created & by Christopher Galletta Stevens



The cast of Towner comics is a little larger than those of your average comic strip, but the main characters are addressed here.

Towner is the main character of the comic strip. He's a nice kid with an occasional mischievous streak and a big imagination. But for the most part, he's the straight man to the surrounding cast's odd and quirky personalities. I'd like to say that he's based after me as a little kid, but I was far more quiet than Towner ever was. Towner is named after his father's favorite music composer, John Towner Williams.
Mush is the little brother of Towner. He's a nice boy, and soft-spoken, but very strong for his smaller size and stature. He has a doll named Babs who seems to tell him to do bad things. Whether the doll is really magically alive, demonically possessed, or just a figment of Mush's imagination, is up in the air.
Dizzy is Towner's best friend. Dizz has a fairly large ego and an aggressive nature. He plots to rule the world with an iron fist as his alter-ego, The Dizzter. However, most of the time he just irks his friends by meddling during their playtime with his delusions of grandeur.
On the surface, it would seem that Cow just is a stocky kid who loves sports and the outdoors. However, once you get to know him, you'll find that he is by far the oddest of the bunch, and that's saying a lot. Cow has a vocabulary all his own; talking about pencils, pens, crayons, rakes, sticks, greased picket fences, telephone poles, and pitchforks all day. He also calls himself "the overlord" tells everybody that he is "all-power" and that everybody else gets drained "because the power is too much."
The parents of Towner and Mush are a young couple having a hard time dealing with the pressures of modern life in a world that seems to be getting tougher on young families. But they love each other and their children very much.
Uncle TrOgre is either a real relative of Towner and Mush or just a neighborhood friend. The kids all seem to like him, but maybe the best thing is that they always love to play pranks on him. Comedy usually ensues due to the fact that TrOgre has absolutely no sense of humor and a short temper.
Towner and Mush have several cats, all with unique personalities. Borg is the fat old  male food hog, and most of the others are females.
Gabrielle is a cute girl with big eyes and a bigger mouth. She is a schoolmate of the boys who are all unsure on whether she is a cool human being worthy of friendship or an evil girl to be banished from their games. The guy characters can never agree on how and what to play, and it always leads to a comedic  argument.
Auluv is a foreign exchange student from Thailand. She is very intelligent, and Towner has a case of hopeless puppy love about her.
Jo-Jo Buns is a kid with an unusually large hind section for a young boy. This would normally be cause for other children to make fun of him, if it wasn't for the fact that he has a violent streak with anyone who tries. Jo-Jo is a good friend one minute, and a bully the next.

There are many more characters, and I'll include them in the future.

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About this strip:
Towner was created in 1997 by award-winning cartoonist Chris Galletta. He was inspired by Bill Watterson's Calvin and Hobbes along with Charles Schultz's Peanuts, and then motivated by the hole left in newspaper comic pages after Watterson retired. Towner is basically a kid-friendly miniaturization of Chris' sketchbook-with-a-storyline, ChrusherComix, taking many of the characters from Chrusher, taking away the toilet-humor, cleaning up the language and in essence, turning it into a in a little-kid format. After failing to get a newspaper syndicate to take a chance on him, Towner was placed in hibernation, only coming out of it to do seasonal newspaper advertising my family's greenhouse. Towner remained in suspended animation until
the completion of Chris' children's book, Tee and Wee when he found ComicGenesis, which is a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics. Towner, along with his "older brother" comic, "Chrusher", are brought to the world for the first time online for free! So enjoy! And support me by votes, donations, or publication offers (if you're a syndicate or publisher who likes what they see, then do not hesitate to contact the author!). Below are shortcuts to some of my strips. They are just samples for now, as I'll do more when I get more serious interest and/or I have more time to do them. But putting so much time and effort into a comic for no pay and no interest is emotionally and fiscally taxing, so I'll only do more with inquiries.

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NOTE:  It is extremely difficult for a cartoonist to produce a regular comic strip without pay. Imagine doing your job for nothing? (Hello? Publishers? Syndicates?)
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Towner occasionally goes on hiatus when I work on my other webcomic, ChrusherComix and my Galletta's Go-Kart websites, or work at Galletta's Greenhouse.

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