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Welcome to Towner -- a free-to-read, family-friendly, all-ages comic strip created in 1997 -- by Christopher Galletta Stevens as a family-friendly super-deformed, miniaturized apparitions of his own ChrusherComix characters in a cute little-kids format, with the main character named after the author's favorite composer, John Towner Williams. The webcomic debuted online in 2006 and an anthology was printed in 2009. This strip's style was partially inspired by Bill Watterson's Calvin and Hobbes, although Christopher's overall art style was also influenced by Transformers and GI Joe animation in the mid-1980s in addition to some of his favorite American comic book artists such as Todd McFarlane, Art Adams and Jim Lee in the late-'80s through early-'90s.  This website contains all of Towner's comic strip adventures, which are also collected in a new trade paperback. If you enjoy the strip, please help the author by purchasing copies. Enjoy!

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The Adventures of Towner & Friends (Trade Paperback)The Adventures of Towner & Friends: The Complete Collection 1997-2009
Written and Illustrated by Christopher Galletta Stevens
Standard Sized Trade Paperback, Full Color, 70 pages, over 130 strips, ON SALE NOW!

Join an imaginative little boy Towner on his daily adventures at school, at home, and at play! Meet his wacky friends - the megalomaniac Dizzter, the odd portly boy named Cow, and Towner's brother - who happens to have a very strange doll! Meet his family, neighbors and pets! Over 130 comic strips, and - a rarity nowadays - kid-friendly!

This trade paperback contains the entire collection of Towner comic strips between 1997-2009, as well as all of his newspaper spots and never-before-seen bonus cartoons. Seventy pages with over one hundred and thirty comic strips, many in full-color! Designed for people of all ages with grateful acknowledgement to Ka-Blam.com, our exclusive printer of all ChrusherComix Studio publications!

All ChrusherComix Studios Comic Books are printed at Ka-Blam.com!

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Chrusher: End Cycle #1 on sale now at IndyPlanet!ChrusherComix Studios is pleased to announce the publication of Chrusher Comix in two volumes simultaneously.

ChrusherComix--the sister webcomic site to Towner Comics--follows the adventures of Christopher Galletta Stevens' original protagonist Chace "Chrusher" Kristoph, a forensic artist and private detective with a mastery of arcane forms of martial arts. The teen-to-adult comic book and graphic novels follow Chrusher in two volumes - ChrusherComix: Classics #1 on sale now at IndyPlanet!the first being a character-driven comic book beginning during his teenage years featuring humor, action, and adventure set in high school and thereafter (produced the author was in high school) called 'ChrusherComix Classics'. The second being his current graphic novel, 'Chrusher: End Cycle' (being produced currently), an action-packed thriller where Chace must track down an expert killer while haunted by a ghost from his past, . Both are seeing print for the first time at IndyPlanet, the biggest online distributor of independent comic books. Visit all of ChrusherComix Studios publications on:

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